The Wines Collection of Warwick Valley Winery

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Red Wines
Red Wine Bottles
Cabernet Franc bottle
Cabernet Franc

The parent grape to Cabernet Sauvignon is grown virtually throughout the winemaking world and is referred to by some as the king of wines. Like the Pinot Noir, our Cabernet Franc is aged in French and American Oak for a period of eight to nine months. The very qualities that make our Cabernet great - power, concentration, and richness have harmonized in the bottle with the pleasing aromas and flavors of blackcurrant and blackberry. This wine is also given tension by the slight echoes of green pepper with some overlay of soft herbal qualities. When matched with high quality meats, wild game, or cheese, Cabernet Franc offers unparalleled enjoyment and is often an exquisite partner on the table.

Pinot Noir bottle
Pinot Noir

In many ways this grape represents the embodiment of winemaking. So many varietals seem to make themselves, while Pinot Noir demands constant cultivation and attention. Pinot Noir offers an incomparable bouquet and elegant flavor. Our Pinot Noir is fruity, yet dry and has an extraordinary compatibility with food. While it is very well matched with more delicate and subtle dishes, Pinot Noir is irresistible when paired with more highly seasoned, smoked and even spicy dishes. Our Pinot, is aged in a blend of French and American Oak for a period of eight to nine months. The staggering aromas and juicy, fruit flavors of black cherry and raspberry create a mysterious and seductive wine that also confines a slight mushroom undertone and smell of the earth from which it came.

Black Dirt Red bottle
Black Dirt Red

100% Baco Noir, a French-American hybrid grape. This wine has been aged in stainless steel tanks for a period of eight to nine months, creating an exceptionally smooth, easy drinking wine. It is particularly fruit forward in style with notes of cherry, plum and fig.

Drink recipes: Black Dirt® Red Sangria

White & Blush Wines
White wine bottles
Bottle of Reisling Wine
Riesling wine

Riesling is one of the less-appreciated grape varietals in the Western World. However, if there is one New York State wine that is "world class, this is it! Forward fruit, crispness, and purity are all hallmarks of our Riesling that support its gold medal quality and remarkable ability at the table. Riesling is extraordinarily flexible with Asian and Latin dishes. It is also infinitely capable with smoked and saltier dishes. Put simply, "it is a wine of quiet and enlightened persuasion and pleasure".

Chardonnay bottle

The world's greatest white wine, although some might challenge this notion surely, Chardonnay's popularity is unquestioned. A slow, cool fermentation and a wonderful vintage yield a rich, buttery mouthfeel. Layered flavors of vanilla and toasted nuts also result from malolactic fermentation and extended aging. Like other varietals, our Chardonnay offers enthusiasts a refined, full-bodied wine that carries a dramatic style of it's own.

Harvest Moon White bottle
Harvest Moon White

This Cayuga/Vidal blend exhibits intense peach and ripe apricot aromas. Its semi-dry style and well balanced acidity make it a perfect complement for spicy dishes, fish, or just relaxing with good company.

Drink recipes: White Sangria & White Sangria Kir

Black Dirt Blush bottle
Black Dirt Blush

This rather unique wine is a blend of Catawba, Vincent and Delaware grapes which are varieties native to Eastern North America. These grapes make for an excellent blush wine with abundant flavors of grape and apricot. Excellent served chilled as an aperitif.

Gewurztraminer bottle

This semi-dry white wine offers up enticing aromas of citrus,pear and lychee followed by a mid palate of exotic spice and finishing with just a bit of honey. The warm lingering finish makes for a delicious pairing with spiced pork or beef dishes, sushi, and even tacos!

Pinot Gris bottle
Pinot Gris

This wine is crafted from 100% Pinot Gris (Grigio) grapes. Delicate floral, tropical fruit and honey aromas are followed by lively citrus fruit flavors with welcomed acidity. The palate is a mouthwatering mix of peach and green apples, finishing with lingering notes of tart pear. This light bodied and well balanced wine is the perfect companion to fresh seafood and Asian fare.

Ports & Dessert Wines
Winston's Harlequin Port bottle
Winston's Harlequin Port

Truly the granddaddy of all dessert wines, our Port has had a tremendous following since its introduction. As a wonderful after dinner or dessert drink, Port goes especially well with cheese, fruit, and or chocolates. Aged in French Oak, our Port is a magnificent wine that will cap off a meal with great success.


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